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As you all know, the cloud has made countless new businesses possible, and the citizens of the internet have all been touched by the cloud in some way. Airbnb, Snapchat, Netflix (streaming), Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest did not exist 12 years ago and their speed of growth has been mostly due to their ability to take advantage of the cloud (to provision compute/storage/db/network as needed) and move ahead of competition.

The cloud is a strategic competitive advantage.

It is not just a strategic competitive advantage for the likes of Airbnb or Netflix who were built on the cloud from the ground-up but also to companies that are transforming digitally like HSBC, Target and 20th Century Fox to compete in new markets, serve customers better and bring new products to the market at cloud speed.

Google pioneered Search, it also brought game changing products like Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Chrome and Google Analytics. These products have extensive infrastructure and data center needs and Google mastered the art of infrastructure and data centers while building these products. Since 2008 when it announced App Engine (platform as a service where you only worry about your code and not the infrastructure), it has opened up its ground breaking infrastructure and data center capabilities to businesses globally with its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) product line.


Here are the key components of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

We will discuss each of the aspects in great detail in future blog posts, but the key takeaway is that GCP is a truly ground-breaking cloud platform that can help your business scale and win.

Whether you are building new applications on the cloud, migrating your existing on-premise applications to cloud either fully or partially (hybrid), or are looking to perform complex artificial intelligence work – the Google Cloud Platform offers you the best capability, great pricing and ease of use.

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